I discover this other world under water when was about ten-eleven when my grandmother took me to concarneau in july during the school holidays. So I took a mask, a pair of small fins and a norkel.

Then for the first time if my life I saw all the life underwater and and rhis was like a big Wow!

So I never missed then any holidays with my Grandmother. It is a big gift.

I kept attracted to the sea that is like a Great Mother. And a Great teacher. Thank you Namaste!

We can only be humble with the sea. And yet we like to be rocked by the waves a bit, feel the energy of the water,

be in harmony with her,.. Discovering our aquatic skills is like awakening to what we are deeply.

I had the chance to continue snorkel and slowly learn to freedive as I was more into judo. So the water was helping me. Until I met the communauty of deep freediver like Pierre Frolla in 2009. One of the student decided to go to 100m and he did. Myself I went to 40 and I was very curious about exploration. So I learned the MEFI instructor until I passed the exam at the Blue School in Monaco in 2013. I keep a good memory of this period. We had lots of fun and the trainings where twice a day every day. I had the honor to meet Guillaume Nery and to participate in the Free Blue Tour in memory of Loic Leferme.

I always liked mysteries, legend of Atlantis, archeology. Maybe it was due to the books I was reading, most probably. I liked to read Jules Vernes books, and many others. When I was 15 I was reading a book about the mayan civilisation and its famous calendar… Then I read one about about Easter Iland… etc.

I discover Malta & Gozo in 2011 by chance with a friend.

Then I kept going back and forth until my association created a branch there so I could go often and teach both jiu-jitsu and freediving.

I initiated quite a few people and share the passion of water with many friends. Yes this water in doing good we know it so well.

J’ai rencontré Michel Nox à Gozo qui a ce goût pour l’exploration sans aucun intérêt pour la compétition. Il peut être perçu comme un ovni mais c’est quelqu’un de précieux car il faut des gens comme lui qui remettent des choses en question. Il est bien droit dans ses bottes comme on dit et il assure un maximum au niveau sécu, il est au-delà de ce qu’on imagine, c’est rare de voir quelqu’un avec un tel niveau et autant d’humilité. même si j’ai 2 ou 3 fois moins le niveau que lui, peu importe. Ce n’est pas ça le plus important.

Les projets et l’entrainement continue avec le crossover pour devenir un instructeur PFI . Une organisation que je découvre depuis un an et qui est justement au top de la sécu.

A bientôt donc pour de nouvelles aventures!