You are welcome to join our exploration sessions for any duration stay at our FREEDIVING DOJO facility in Gozo. You can be an experienced certified freediver or a beginner without any certification, the maltese archipelago offers all kind of exploration, marine life observation, photo & video, cave & shipwreck, underwater scooter exploration… Our courses include safety buddy with PFI standards and line sessions… Everyone is welcome regardless of agency!

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Prerequisite :

Almost everyone can participate in these courses, from snorkeling in shallow waters (from surface to -5 meters) to -40 meters explorations.

Recreational Line & Exploration Sessions for Certified & Non Certified Freedivers

Open Calendar recreational sessions: half day (4h), Full day (8h), 2 days, 3 days… up to weeks stay at our FREEDIVING DOJO Facility.


    • Certified Freedivers : Private line diving sessions, coaching sessions and Exploration (shipwrecks, caves…) are available by request for groups of four or more, or for the equivalent cost of four if there are less than four in your group. All participants must be certified by a freedive training agency (-40m / Minimum age 18).


    • Non Certifed Freedivers : you will get used to the equipment and snorkel around Gozo, learn the safety, line diving with lots of fun through recreational exploration sessions. All our courses start with a bit of theory and a briefing before we hit the water. Courses are scheduled by request for groups from four to  eight, or for the equivalent cost for a group of four if there are less than four participants in your group. Otherwise you can sign up for a private lesson 1-1, 1-2 or 1-3 (-30m / Minimum age 12).

We offer shared room accommodation for up to 10 people with everything included (food, transport, Gozo ferry transfer, freediving courses and visit of the island). Travel expenses to Gozo are not included. If you would like to get an idea of what our facilities look like, click here.

Underwater scooter exploration

Cave exploration